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Defiance - Stahma Tarr

2.09 Painted From Memory - Shock + Sadness

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Paloma Faith being gorgeous

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But it’s so white. You know, how about a little color? I’m thinking like maybe some crimson, chartreuse.

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I’m guessing you don’t have much experience with heat.

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Paloma Faith

Only Love Can Hurt Like This

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for the people that ship "catilin and barry" does that make them racist? as some in the flash fandom are saying






I don’t think it should matter what color the characters skin is - you should be allowed to ship who you want without judgement. Sometimes you see two characters and for you they just click. For me, I’m leaning towards Caitlin and Barry because I adore Danielle and Grant and I quite liked their minor interactions in the pilot.

Just because the intended couple (barry & iris) isn’t for you, it does not mean you are racist.

So you knew you broke the code of conduct and still got it into your head post this Iris’ tag. Colorblind opinions are a racist problem. The issue with most snowbarry shippers is that because of Iris’ status as a woman of color is completely discounted by some people as a possible love interest for Barry.

Keep your poorly coded opinions out of our tags.

- Mod I

Where are you getting your information about snowbarry shippers discounting Iris based on her race?

I haven’t seen a single post where someone has said “I ship Caitlin & Barry because Iris isn’t white” and if anyone did say that I wouldn’t blame you for crucifying them.

If you keep calling people racist based on your own assumptions you are going to cause a huge rift in the fandom before the show even begins.


There have been posts/comments like that.  On Facebook. On Twitter.  On articles written about the TV show. On here.  Count yourself fortunate that you “haven’t seen a single post where someone said “I ship Caitlin & Barry because Iris isn’t white”.  It’s so funny how you think bold statements like that are the ONLY racism directed towards fictional WOC. 

Here’s how it usually goes down:  ”Iris and Barry don’t look right together”, “Barry needs someone more like him”, “Iris isn’t supposed to be black”, “Why is Iris black?”, “Barry doesn’t have anything in common with Iris”, “Iris has red hair, why is she black?”, “Iris is a strong, independent woman that doesn’t need a man, why ship her with Barry?”, “Barry and Iris should just be friends.”,

This one is particularly telling: “I got a sibling vibe from them” (after watching a 5 minute trailer?? REALLY??? Yeah, OK). 

Then, these same people will gush about the “electric chemistry” between Caitlin and Barry and how “they’re so right for each other” and “a better match’ than Iris and Barry.  All based on TWO scenes, one in which she asks him to pee in a cup?

And I know you think it’s “just an opinion”, but the fact still remains as this: If Iris West was played by a white actress, there wouldn’t be a debate regarding Barry and Iris.  There wouldn’t be any hand-wringing and mentioning another female character from another show whose interactions with Barry were resolved on that show (once Cisco told her about Candice visiting every day and that Candice is “something” to Barry). On top of the fact that said female already has Oliver. 

Now, imagine reading these types of comments over and over again, but switch the names and fandoms.  I’ve come across the same exact  arguments against an interracial ship in every single fandom where a WOC is cast as the lead female in the show or is a supporting cast member paired with one of the white males. Fandoms like Star Trek, Merlin, Sleepy Hollow, Teen Wolf, Doctor Who, True Blood, and Twisted (where the lead male was not white, but that didn’t stop the bullshit) are rife with these type of “opinions”. 

So, color me NOT surprise when the same comments popped up in The Flash’s budding TV fandom.  Empirical evidence leads one to believe that there’s more than “shipping preferences” going on when a character is automatically ignored and “reasons” given against shipping the character at all, in order to ship the white male lead with a white character. I know they’re not all the same people, but really…when the same type of people share the same “opinions” about a fictional black woman as a love interest for the white lead, REGARDLESS of fandom, characterizations, and character interactions, what’s the usual root of that? 

The point of my second post was that the Iris West Defense blog has no right to label people as racist based on their own assumptions or to tell people what tags they are allowed to include in their posts.

If they want to call out people who actually make public racist comments - that is their decision. My post was well-written. I said nothing disrespectful about Candice Patton or the character Iris West and I most certainly did not make a single racist comment.

A question was asked about ships and racism for a show where one of the characters being referred to was clearly Iris West. It was tagged as such and had a response that made neither racist or anti-Iris remarks.

Just because it didn’t fit in with your “we love Iris West” motto doesn’t make it wrong or racist.

No code of conduct was broken and I’m really not sure where the “Colorblind” comment came from.

And I’m fairly certain the people that mod daniellepanabakers would be highly offended at all the poorly veiled “you’re a racist” comments that have followed. You should check before you throw accusations around.

The best idea for you lot would be to take your anti-racist pitch and direct it at people who are actually racist.

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Defiance 2.02 - In My Secret Life

And it’s your face I’m looking for on every street

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Defiance 2.02 - In My Secret Life

Nolan and Amanda reunited

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Amanda Rosewater - in colour

Defiance - Season 1

Amanda Rosewater - in colour

Defiance - Season 1

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Defiance Season 2 Cast Promotional Photos

Jaime Murray as Stahma Tarr

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